Looking for that knockout gift that will make someone smile wide?  Here you go...

M+A NYC Alabaster Hanging Planter/Lantern with a lit glass votive inside.

 Hanging Planter/Lantern


M+A NYC Lolita Soapstone Vase with Lilacs

Lolita Soapstone Vase


Image of M+A NYC Low Cylindrical Planter on top of the Round Tray, both in waxed black soapstone.

Low Cylindrical Planter and Soapstone Round Tray


Image of M+A NYC Handloomed Honeycomb Bath Sheet hanging on a hook

 Hand Loomed Honeycomb Bath Sheet

Two Bath Sheets and matching Hand Towel(s) would be a fab gift for anyone.


Image of M+A NYC Planter/Vase Set in Alabaster

Planter/Vase Set in Alabaster


M+A NYC Alabaster Trays, Round and Square, on a low wooden table.

Alabaster Round Tray and Alabaster Square Tray


Image of M+A NYC Halo Taper Holder in Solid Brass

Solid Brass Halo Taper Holder





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