M+A NYC Stella Handloomed and Tufted Cotton Lumbar Pillow 12" x 24"

Stella Hand Loomed and Tufted Cotton Lumbar Pillow 12x24"

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Inspired by Frank Stella's mesmerizing work we had Panipat artisans hand loom and weave our pillows in pit looms using the most plush unbleached, undyed cotton.  They then meticulously stitched and hand tufted the design directly onto the straight woven to create a our pillows.  Our 12 x 24" oblong pillow has fancy little self tassels because if you can't have a pom pom, you can have a tassel (or 12). Ours comes with a custom insert.


Machine wash gentle cycle.  No bleaches or oxygenated cleaners. Dry flat and then tumble low briefly to fluff up.