M+A NYC Hanging Planter with Hook - Small - Soapstone

Hanging Planter with Hook Small - Soapstone

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Designed to be modular, M+A's hanging planters can be hung in different ways. For the simplest iteration hang it by the hoop itself. To get a little more height use the hanging hook that comes with the set. For varying heights tack on an extension hook (sold separately) and use with or without the welded rings.  Note that the Wall Hook is now included in the set.

The metal components are brass with a matte black powder-coat finish.

The planter itself is hand carved out of soapstone that is naturally a medium grey where it is mined in India. The artisans apply a light black wash of color over the stone that darkens it to a soft black finish. They then let that cure and set and apply butcher’s wax over the whole planter to seal it. The end result is a very low luster/matte finish that is a great neutral backdrop to allow your plants to shine. A drainage hole at the bottom will keep your plants happy, whether you choose to put soil directly in the planter or opt to use a plastic liner pot straight from the plant shop. Soapstone is non-porous so will not create efflorescence (salt migration to the surface as with terracotta).

Note: be sure to hang in a sheltered area away from high traffic areas.



  • Soapstone planter 4 ¼” Diameter x 3 ¾” not including base; ¾” drainage hole
  • 11 1/8” diameter matte black powder coated brass hoop
  • Includes one 16 1/8” matte black powder coated brass hanging hook
  • Includes Wall hook approx 6" long x 2" wide at widest point; 4 screws included 
  • Designed in New York by M+A NYC
  • Made in India



  • To clean both metal and stone use cold water and a soft clean rag and wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Apply butchers wax to the soapstone periodically to maintain the finish. Butchers wax can be found at most hardware stores.