Beverage Chiller and Luminaire - Alabaster, M+A
Beverage Chiller and Luminaire, Alabaster, M+A

Stepped Totem Beverage Chiller and Luminaire - Alabaster

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This one does it all, lights up your days and nights and serves a lovely chill to your bubbly or wine.  Made from alabaster with crystal-like fractals and warm threading and veining throughout, this looks lovely alone or chilling your favorite vintage. Please place the piece in the fridge or freezer and slip in the vino! When that's all gone, place a candle within to keep on glowing!

  • Made in Agra, India by master artisans
  •  5" d x 6"h


Alabaster is a very soft stone and can chip easily (so just be a bit careful).  It also is very porous and not water tight.  We don't recommend filling with ice for that reason. If you'd like to use as vase, please insert a glass within.