M + A: Embracing Resilience

Image of M+A brass Incense Holder sitting in our Planter/Vase Set in Alabaster
Resilience has been my mantra for a long time.  Recently, more than ever, it's something that I have been spending a lot of mental energy on -- if not on an hourly basis, then at least a daily one.  Reminding myself that I have lived through many challenging experiences throughout my life and managed to weather through them without allowing them to knock me down for too long.  I've got to say that the pandemic is something that I never thought that I would witness in my lifetime; Its scope is far bigger than most imagined and it appears that it will be with us for some time in the foreseeable future.  If I can offer you any words of encouragement, they would be to dig deep to keep yourself hopeful and find the good that is happening despite the somber times in which we are living.

Can't handle reading/watching the news as we know it every day?  Check out David Byrne's brainchild Reasons to be Cheerful.  It's a newsletter that focuses on positive events that are happening in the world.

Looking for design inspiration?  Athena Calderone's book Live Beautiful is a visually stunning delight (photography by Nicole Franzen) that highlights her homes as well as the homes of fellow influencers, and breaks down what's at play in their design allure.

Need to laugh?  Scottish sports commentator, Andrew Cotter, has been using his time off during the pandemic to commentate on daily life.  This gem is Cotter giving a play by play of his dogs tussling over a toy.

I count myself lucky that M + A is still able to ship out orders safely.  We have so many beautiful products that have been made with love by really talented artisans. During the end of March and the month of April we pledged 20% of all online retail sales to God’s Love We Deliver, a nonsectarian organization that prepares and delivers medically tailored meals to people with serious illnesses in the NY Metro area.  These folks are at the greatest risk for getting COVID-19 due to weakened immune systems.  
To strength and courage!  We're in this together. #MightyAreWeAsOne

xx Margaret Ahearn

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