About M+A

M + A is a destination devoted to art, artists, artisans and design.  We are inspired by art as it relates to design: the soul, the spark that ignites beautiful ideas. We are equally as motivated by craft traditions passed down from generations. 

We work with artisans to innovate design, product development and product diversification within each exquisite technique. By partnering with them and ensuring living wages, we honor the beauty of craft and help provide economic opportunities for these talented artisans and a future for these precious crafts.

The majority of the textiles that we develop at M + A are made by female artisans who have learned their craft from their mothers, and in turn, pass down their knowledge to their daughters. We take pride in supporting these women and by extension, their families.  We know that by helping to empower women and their contributions we are helping to create a more inclusive global economy.  We delight in sharing their story and hope that you will be as inspired as we are.

Giving Back to Our Community

We are also dedicated to helping folks closer to home and are active in giving back to our local community.  We work with a non-profit fulfillment center in Poughkeepsie, NY that hires veterans and people with disabilities, both physical and mental.  As well, we donate to local charities that help provide food to underserved communities, and recently donated to our local Public Broadcasting Station (PBS), that relies on public giving to achieve its mission.

We believe that our work: from the art and artists who've inspired our designs to the artisan traditions that feed into each hand made item, will tell a story that is steeped in tradition but elevated by innovation.

Welcome to our world.

Margaret Ahearn, Founder / Designer / Creative Director

Photo of Margaret Ahearn, Founder and Creative Director of M+A