About M+A

M + A is a destination devoted to creating the best in modern, artisanal design.

Welcome! I’m Margaret Ahearn, the Founder / Designer of M+A NYC. I design home decor and wearable accessories. Everything on the line is an original design, using quality materials, and handcrafted to last.  I work with skilled artisans to produce my designs, and make sure they are paid fair, living wages, and work in safe environments. I create small batches of products to keep things interesting, but also manageable and sustainable. By focusing on quality over quantity, and valuing the people that work with me, I embrace slow design and take pride in the creative ride. My hope is that my work will add a nice spark to your life, now and for years to come. Fewer, better, always wins for the environment and those who inhabit it. Together, we can make a difference. #MightyAreWeAsOne.

I moved from Brooklyn to Ghent, NY, a couple of years after launching the business. While NYC is still very much a part of my heart (and the namesake of my brand), I really love being a part of the vibrant, creative community in the Hudson Valley. 

Giving Back to My Community

As someone who was taught very early on the importance of giving back to your community, I do my best to make a difference. One of the things that I do is work with a non-profit fulfillment center in Poughkeepsie, NY, that hires veterans and people with physical and medical disabilities, to pack and ship our products. I also raise money for organizations that I care about: my local PBS station, Feeding America, Gods Love We Deliver, and Girl Rising, to name some. Lastly, I like to participate in a few select local markets as a way to not only show and sell my products, but also to engage with people in my community. I love meeting and talking to people. Hope to see you in person soon!


Photo of Margaret Ahearn, Founder and Creative Director of M+A