About Us

M+A photo, margaret and aimee

M + A is a destination devoted to art, artists, artisans and design.  We are inspired by art as it relates to design: the soul, the spark that ignites beautiful ideas. We are equally as motivated by the craft traditions passed down from generations. Most of our designs are executed in various parts of India by local artisan hubs, mostly female artisans who have passed their craft on to their daughters. 

M + A strives to  engage in crafts-based entrepreneurship and development; we work with these artisan hubs to innovate design, product development and product diversification within each exquisite technique. 

M + A is dedicated to innovation and keeping artisan craft thriving.  We look forward to supporting women and their families in their fields of expertise. We seek to alleviate poverty and empower women and their contributions to a more inclusive global economy. We want to share their story in the hopes that you will be as inspired as we are.

M + A is a design team of great friends who are passionate about design and artisan craft.  We believe that our work: from the art and artists who've inspired our designs to the artisan traditions that feed into each hand made item, will tell a story that is steeped in tradition but elevated by innovation.