M+A Inspiration: Hilma af Klint

Untitled Watercolor, Hilma af Klint

Wow, but wouldn't you know it, Hilma af Klint is killing it at the Guggenheim and everywhere else; finally.

Swedish artist Hilma af Klint is quite the surprise to those us who are lovers of art.  Long overshadowed by that of her male colleagues, Hilma was an artist at the forefront of the Abstract art movement.  Her immersion into the world of spirituality in vogue at the turn of the century, and with other prominent spiritualists such as Madame Blavatsky and Rudolph Steiner of the Theosophical society (later of the Waldorf Schools still in existence today), Hilma's spiritual journey drove her art form of mystical colors directly correlated to Steiner's work and Goethe's writing.  These were known as "floating colors".  Weren't they ever? 


No. 2a The Current Standpoint of the Mahatmas, 1920, Oil on Canvas


Group V, The Seven Pointed Star, No1, 1909

The Dove No. 2from Group IX Series SUW/UW, 1914-1915

Buddha's Standpoint in the Earthly Life, No.3a. 1920

Hilma is finally being recognized as the modern master she always was at the Guggenheim Museum now through April 23, 2019 

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