It's happening!

Photo of the M + A designers at the block print studio in India

Well, it's been an incredible stretch of time.  It made me laugh to look at the last blog post. Oh well, maybe blogging is not our thing (yet) but sometimes this journey seemed to be crawling or running so fast we could barely keep up.


Now is one of those times where we simply don't know what's hit us - but deal with it we must! And we are very excited, to say the least, because while one journey comes to an end, another new one begins.


That's us above. We have journeyed many places together in our past design experiences; literally around the world - together.  Here, we are in Jaipur at sunset. We are in a block print studio on a warm but dry October afternoon, exhausted but exhilarated. It's pretty overwhelming and not a little bit humbling to witness true artistry.


We have often wondered what this all should look like; it's been an obsession but now we've realized that if you let it, things just 'happen'.  I remember that day in October glancing over the long tables of the block printer and marveling at the amber light hitting the walls; my favorite kind of light. It reminds me of Fall, my personal favorite time of year, Italy, Morocco and of course, India- all special places I have delighted to share with my partner and great friend.


I took this picture knowing exactly what it meant for us: it's so 'us'. It's got light and shadow, and for whatever reason, it tells so much about our story. And now we are too excited to be able to share that story with you. 

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