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Always inspired by art, we discovered Pierre Soulages.  Born on December 24, 1919, Pierre Soulages was inspired by the Celtic carvings at local museums and the architecture of Santa Foy in nearby Conques. He enrolled in the E'cole national superior des beaux-arts, Paris but was disappointed by the traditional instruction and moved back to his hometown of Rodez to continue his studies. 

Pierre Soulages Painting.  12th Janvier, 1974

12th Janvier, 1974

Pierre Soulages has gained international recognition as a prominent figure of both Art Informel, which arose in France during the Second World War, and Abstract Expressionism, its American pendant. From the 1940s to the 1970s, black progressively conquered the surface of his calligraphic-like abstract paintings, which also incorporated subtle hints of colors (mainly ocher and blue). His aesthetics radically shifted towards monochrome in 1979, when he initiated his lifelong series Outrenoir. He has been known as “the painter of black and light” ever since. Literally translating as “beyond black,” Outrenoir opens onto a new realm that transcends purely gestural and monochromatic abstraction. Systematically applied in thick layers on canvas, black paint is meticulously scraped, striated and overall sculpted to create smooth or rough areas reflecting light in various ways. By masterfully turning black into a luminous color, Pierre Soulages further powerfully evokes the Genesis of the world, which came out of darkness.

Pierre  Soulages work entitled "Lithographie No. 3"

Our inspiration: Lithographie No. 3



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