Illustration by Jesse Duquette

I'm ready for change. How about YOU?

Everyone needs a voting plan to make sure that they are vote ready. This is mine:

I have already filled out a request for an absentee ballot online to use in case I get Covid-19 during election time.  When it arrives, I plan on putting it aside and using it only if I get sick.  I also plan on voting early.  My polling location will be open for early voting beginning as early as October 24th and every day after, up until November 1st.  I'm grateful for these 9 days because if lines are really long one day I can always try again the next.

What is YOUR plan?

If you need help figuring out how to plan your vote there are many resources available online.  One of them I'm partial to is a visual arts initiative from that is called  You can verify your registration, check your absentee status, and set a reminder for yourself on their site.  Many artists have created compelling visuals that are shareable, including the image above, with the goal of mobilizing our communities to help everyone become vote ready.

My greatest hope is that everyone who is eligible to vote in this year's presidential election will use their constitutional right and act on it.  If you need any more incentive to vote, other than the world is falling apart and you could help effect positive change, M + A will be giving 20% off an available item of your choice if you email a photo of yourself to either: 

1) wearing the "I just voted" sticker that they give out at the polls upon completing the voting process once you've left the polling site (it's illegal to take pictures inside the polling sites). Note that if they do not provide stickers in your area, just create a sign with “I voted” on it, OR

2) holding your sealed stamped envelope with your absentee ballot inside. 

Jot down the date on a small piece of paper and include in your photo.   I will get back to you with a discount code.  The code is good through November 15, 2020.

Vote like your life depends on it.  Because it does.

"Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote." - George Jean Nathan

Let's do this.  I can't wait to hear from you.

xx Margaret Ahearn.




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