Think PINK!

M+A NYC Brass Bud Vase

(see "We Love Color") When we started concepting this we were drawn into natural materials as well as the simple graphic elements of modern minimalists such as Ellsworth Kelly and  Blinky Palermo while we really do love color, we thought that letting the materials lay the foundation and add color through bits and bobs or letting you bring your own spin to things by adding the color (like this little bloom) by yourself.

M+A Offset Stripe Handloomed Cotton Coverlet and Blockprint Mangold Stripe Pillows

Or in other artisan practices we were able to inject touches of color by maximizing the unique quality of each artisanal practice. Each wooden block is made by hand  in Jaipur, India - and block printed in the ink of your choice. When items are printed by machine, conventionally on rollers, you have to commit to a specific palette and are held to large quantities.  We specifically made most of our foundation pieces in neutrals, again using the color of the natural materials to guide us - but with block printing, the only change needed to make is a simple cleaning of each block.  That way you can add small batch production to give your life a little blush of color.

 M + A Angel Brass Bud Vase


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