M+A NYC Alabaster Round Tray with Black Keyhole Vase
M+A NYC Alabaster Round Tray with Alabaster Square Tray

Alabaster Round Tray

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M + A transcends the typical with enduring pieces in precious materials using hand made, artisanal practices. Our simple and sleek round alabaster tray is a perfect example of when form and function converge and are made even more exquisite due to elevated materials and master artistry. In glorious alabaster that has been boiled to expose the stone as semi-translucent with both icy cool and warm threads that are unique to each piece.  This one is a marvel of versatility. It's at once an elegant serving piece that will look just as stunning on any table or vanity in the universe. Yes, the whole universe!

  • Designed in Brooklyn by M+A NYC
  • Made in Agra, India by master artisans
  • 10.75" d x .75"h


Alabaster is a soft, porous stone and should be washed using non-abrasive cleaners and dried using a soft cloth.