Image of M+A NYC Solid Brass Servers resting on an alabaster tray that is sitting on a marble table.
Image of a M+A NYC tablescape with our Solid Brass Servers resting on top of our Oval Enamel Tray

Solid Brass Servers 9" - Set of 2

Regular price $85.00

Simple, sleek and substantial in weight, M+A's solid brass servers are the most elegant compliment to any table.

  • Designed in New York by M+A NYC
  • Ethically Handcrafted in India
  • 9" long
  • Solid brass


Wash with grease cutting detergent and dry with a soft cloth immediately to avoid hard water stains.  To maintain shine and polish on occasion, cover in tomato ketchup and polish in one direction in a circular motion. The natural acid in the ketchup will slowly dissolve any oxidation! Rock on, nature!  Or "Barkeepers Friend" does a great job in under a minute.