Image of Halo Brass Taper Holder with lit white candle against Fromental wallpaper in the pattern Travertine
Image of Halo Brass Taper Holder with lit candle
Image of Halo Brass Taper Holder with lit candle
Halo Brass Taper Holder
M+A NYC Brass Halo Taper Holder

Halo Brass Taper Holder

Regular price $110.00

M+A's glorious solid weighted brass Halo taper holders. Ours comes in two taper sizes.  They look magical together and spectacular as a centerpiece grouping of many. The weight of the brass makes this quite stable. When set aglow the halo naturally glows bright. It's pretty divine.

  • Solid weighted, shiny polished brass
  • Made in India
  • Accepts standard diameter tapers
  • Medium halo 9 1/4" diameter - 6" tapers work great (not included)
  • Large halo 11 1/2" diameter - 6" - 8" tapers work great (not included)


Carbon from taper will likely leave a mark on the halo and can be cleaned with dish detergent.  We don't put a lacquer over the brass so that it can develop a natural warm patina over time.  If you like to keep the brass super shiny, we recommend using Barkeepers Friend, rinse, and then wash with oil cutting liquid detergent; then buff with a soft, dry cloth immediately or white hard water stains may appear.  Do not touch ring while candle is lit. Do not leave a flame unattended.