M+A NYC Pogo Candle Stands - View of Large Silver Color
M+A NYC Pogo Candle Stands - View of Brass and Silver Colors
M+A NYC Pogo Candle Stands - View of Small Brass Color
image of M+A NYC Pogo Candle Stands in Silver with lit green tapers

Pogo Candle Stands

Regular price $35.00

These lovelies are simple but oh, so effective. M+A's reversible candle stands in two plated colors and heights.  Have a bunch and they look like illuminated lilypads dappling the top of your table.  How lovely is that?

  • Designed in Brooklyn by M+A NYC
  • Made in Moradabad, India
  • Weighted plated stainless
  • Small brass 3"h
  • Large silver 4"
  • Sold Individually, not as a set
  • Hole opening is 7/8"


Use dish soap or non-abrasive furniture polish. Dry and polish with a soft cloth. We recommend if your taper base is smaller than 7/8" to use sealing wax or dripping hot candle wax inside the base and squish your taper in the warm wax until it cools.