M+A NYC Alabaster Keyhole Vase
M+A NYC Alabaster Keyhole Vase with Alabaster Bottle Vase and Chalice Bud Vase

Alabaster Keyhole Vase

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Magical, mysterious alabaster.  M+A fell hard in love with this stone and had to have it everywhere...so here; a simple, sculptural bud vase that sits atop a weighted base. Ours is pieced adding to the way the natural veining works with the construction and design. Place a bloom or two in the permanently inserted glass tube - or not, it looks exquisite alone or with your favorite flower.  Wait until you see it in the sun. Swoon.

  • Designed in Brooklyn by M+A NYC
  • Made in Agra, India by master artisans
  • Semi-translucent white alabaster with warm or clear threading
  • 3"d at it's widest, 6.25"h, approx .75"at mouth opening
  • Glass insert test tube


Alabaster is a soft and delicate stone. Please use a soft, non abrasive cleanser and dry with a soft cloth.