M+A NYC Alabaster Lens Box
Alabaster Lens Box
Image of M+A NYC alabaster accessories, including our Lens Box, Square Tray, Bubble Box and Keyhole Vase
Image of M+A Lens Box being used to store cotton balls.

Alabaster Lens Box

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An ancient stone takes serious and simple curves in M + A's convex lens box. Feels wonderful in your hand, looks glorious anywhere. Carved by master artisan craftsmen in Agra, India.  Alabaster is a very soft and delicate stone with magical properties.  Each alabaster box has natural variations in it's threading and veining but we think that adds to it's beauty. Catching just a ray of light, our convex lens box glows like the moon on a crystal clear night!

  • Made in Agra, India by master crafts-people
  • Approximately 4"d x 2.25"h


Alabaster is a soft and delicate stone. Do not drop (if you can help it). Clean with a soft, dry cloth. Please refrain from using harsh detergents. Will leach oil and water if in contact.