M+A NYC Black Soapstone Keyhole Vase
M+A NYC Black Soapstone Keyhole Vase with Alabaster Tray

Black Soapstone Keyhole Vase

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Smooth, rich soapstone; normally a grey veined, non-porous stone (that means it's water-tight) ours has been hand carved by master artisans in Agra, dyed as black as night and polished with a high shine.  Feels good in your hands and looks stunning by itself or holding a few blooms. The base is weighted with solid stone. Natural variations and veining are evident in each unique piece as is some scratching from to the hand made stone cutting of our master artisans.

  • Designed by M+A NYC
  • Made in Agra, India
  • Dyed, polished and sealed
  • Approximately 6"h x 3.25"d, .875" at mouth opening


Wash with a mild detergent and dry with a soft cloth.