M+A NYC Brass Bowl
M+A NYC Brass Jug and Bowl
M+A NYC Brass Jug

Brass Jug + Bowl

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The city of Moradabad in Rajasthan, India, is famed for it's ancient metal craft. We've tried to revive the art of the brass city or "Peetal Nagar" as it's called locally.

M+A's solid brass open mouthed vases are perfect as objects or to house a beautiful bouquet of blooms - we've even been known to place a candle at night for the most warm illuminated light that bounces off the matte shimmer inside.

  • Made in Moradabad, India by master craftsmen
  • Solid, unsprayed brass
  • Bowl: 6"d x 5.75"h
  • Jug: 5"d x 6"h, 3" mouth opening


Our brass tarnishes to a glorious warm patina and reacts with your skins natural oils as well as to hard water. We love the patina but if you'd rather maintain that mirrored shine, we suggest you use "Barkeepers Friend" (spray version) and a soft cotton cloth to softly remove any tarnish or stains; rinse and wash with oil cutting liquid detergent, then buff with a soft, dry cloth.