M+A NYC Chalice Bud Vase Black Soapstone

Chalice Bud Vase in Black Soapstone

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M+A's chalice bud vase in rich, sleek soapstone carved and honed to a smooth finish and polished to a fine luster.  Soapstone is a more durable and non-porous material. It is water safe.  Ours is hand carved and finished. Our soapstone is dyed from it's original dark grey veined and the dye is set and polished to a fine finish. These are carved by hand without moulds so no two are alike. You may notice light pitting and scratching  as it is inherent to both the material and the hand made process.

  • Designed in Brooklyn by M+A NYC
  • Made in Agra, India by master artisans
  • Black soapstone
  • 4"d x 5"h


Clean with gentle soap and water, dry with a soft cloth.