M+A NYC Enamel and Brass Plated Large Round Tray

Enamel and Brass Plated Stainless Large Round Tray

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Super chic and functional, M+A NYC's Large Round Enamel Tray will up your entertaining game when that sparks back up post Covid.   (Almost there!)  Brass plated stainless on the inside and shiny black enamel on the outside.  Food Safe.

  • Designed by M+A NYC in New York
  • Made in Moradebad, India
  • Food safe enamel on brass plated stainless
  • 12 5/8"d x 3/4"h


Clean with mild liquid detergent and dry with a soft cloth.  Do not wash in the dishwasher.  "Barkeepers Friend" (spray version) does a great job of removing tarnish on the brass plate.