M+A NYC Hanging Planter with Hook Medium
M+A NYC Hanging Planter with Hook Medium
Image of M+A NYC Hanging Planter in alabaster being used as a lantern
Image of M+A NYC Hanging Planter being used with a glass votive to create a vase filled with white mandevilla cuttings
Image of M+A NYC Hanging Planter with a showy Rhipsalis plant.

Hanging Planter with Hook Medium - Alabaster

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Designed to be modular, M+A's hanging planters can be hung in different ways. For the simplest iteration hang it by the hoop itself. To get a little more height use the hanging hook that comes with the set.  Note that the Wall Mounting Hook pictured in the photos is now included in the set.

The metal components are brass with a polished finish. We chose not to put a lacquer coating on the brass so that it can develop a patina over time that we like. However, if patina isn’t your thing, "Barkeepers Friend" applied every now and then will get you back to the high polish that you like.

The planter itself is hand carved out of alabaster. A drainage hole at the bottom will keep your plants happy, whether you choose to put soil directly in the planter or opt to use a plastic liner pot straight from the plant shop. If you choose to put soil directly in the planter, note that you will get efflorescence along the vein lines (the salt in the stone migrates to the surface as with terracotta). We think that’s interesting.

Note, though, that it is amazing as a lantern and a vase as well, and you might want to have the flexibility of switching the end use up.  To use as a lantern just put a small glass votive candle inside.  Note: be sure to hang in a sheltered area away from high traffic areas and never leave a lit candle unattended.  To use as a vase, put the glass votive inside without the candle, fill with water, and add your favorite blooms.


  • Alabaster planter 4 ¼” Diameter x 3 ¾”H (not including base); ¾” drainage hole.  Interior useable area = approximately 3 3/4" diameter x 3 1/2" High
  • 13” diameter brass hoop for Medium
  • 16 1/8” brass hanging hook
  • Wall hook approx 6" long x 2" wide at widest point; 2 brass screws included
  • Designed in New York by M+A NYC
  • Ethically made by hand in India



  • If a patina is desired, just let the metal oxidize naturally and sit back and enjoy the show. For a polished brass finish clean brass components with "Barkeeper's Friend" (spray version); rinse and buff with a soft dry cloth.
  • If you want to clean the alabaster just use cold water and a soft clean rag and wipe dry. Do not use really hot or boiling water.