Lolita Vase - Soapstone
Image of M+A  Lolita Soapstone Vase with Fig Tree Branch
Image 0f M+A NYC Lolita Soapstone Vase with lilacs
M+A NYC Lolita Soapstone Vase with Peonies
M+A Lolita Soapstone Vase with Fennel

Lolita Vase - Soapstone

Regular price $150.00

Sleek and minimalist, M+A NYC's Lolita Vase in waxed soapstone will make your floral stems sing. Looks great with its big sister, Lola, sitting on a mantel, shelf, table, or pretty much anywhere that you want to add a sculptural element and some visual interest.  The base is weighted to prevent it from getting knocked over.  Comes with a slim clear glass insert to guarantee that it will be water-tight and keep your stone clean.

  • Approx. 10" H, 5 1/4" at its widest, and 1 7/8" at mouth opening
  • Designed in NY by M+A NYC
  • Soapstone with a black stained finish that is then buffed with butcher's wax to give it a low luster
  • Clear glass insert included
  • Weighted base
  • Made in Agra, India by master artisans who get paid a living wage and enjoy where they work