Modular Brass Swing Arm Candelabra
Modular Brass Swing Arm Candelabra
Image of M+A NYC Solid Brass Modular Swing Arm Candelabra sitting in front of Marchen wallpaper that is a collaboration between Nicole Fuller and Fromental Design.  Colorway is custom.

Modular Brass Swing Arm Candelabra

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This is a stunner of a centerpiece or any place you'd like to put it.  M + A's solid brass candelabra can be placed in a multitude of ways and is centered by a center swinging hinge. Made from solid polished brass, each post is weighted by the solid brass material. It takes standard size tapers although we suggest melting some candle wax to firmly anchor any taper light.

  • Designed in New York
  • Made in Moradabad, India
  • Solid brass construction
  • Non-skid felt bottom
  • Takes 4 tapers 


Wipe with a soft cloth. Our brass is not lacquered as we like the mellow warm patina, but if you prefer super-shiny brass, we suggest you use "Barkeepers Friend" (spray version) and a soft cloth to gently remove any tarnish or stains; rinse and wash with oil cutting liquid detergent, then buff with a soft, dry cloth.