M+A NYC Soapstone Round Tray
Image of M+A Soapstone Round Tray in black

Soapstone Round Tray

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Beautiful and sleek, our polished soapstone is hand carved and finished in Agra, India. Low and flat, a simple sliver of stone sets a graphic element to any desk, bath or table.  Comes in 2 different ways: Shiny Black (even black stain coverage that is polished to a high shine), and Low Luster Black (has slight highs and lows to the black stain and is treated with a waxed finish to give it a low luster).

  • Carved, dyed black, and either polished or waxed soapstone, depending on which one you choose
  • Carved by master crafts-people in Agra, India
  • 10.75"d x .75"h


Wash with soap and water, dry with a soft cloth.  Although soapstone is naturally non-porous it is still soft (soap - get it?) so don't drop it! There will be minor scratch marks and subtle threading from both the hand carver's tools and the natural stone.