Square Alabaster Tray
Square Alabaster Tray
Image of M+A NYC Alabaster Trays nestled inside of each other.
Image of M+A NYC alabaster accessories, including our Square Tray,  Lens Box, Bubble Box and Keyhole Vase

Square Alabaster Tray

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Simple and elegant, M + A's alabaster tray is where form and function co-exist.  This is one of our most versatile pieces and can take turns as an elegant serving platter and then alternately hold your most cherished trinkets. Ours are made and finished by hand.  You can actually see marks where the tools and chisels were.

  • Made in Agra, India by master artisans
  • White alabaster with some occasional white threads
  • 7" sq x.75"h


Alabaster is a soft, porous stone. Wash with gentle dish soap.  Dry with a soft cloth.