Celebrating our handloom weavers and their amazing creations this month.  Starting with the weavers who work on our lightweight textiles in Kerala, southern India.

Photo of a weaver working on a large wooden handloom.

The above image shows Shobha creating a textile on a large wooden handloom setup in an open air environment that is covered.  You can see how lush and tropical it is there.

Image of one of M+A's weavers smiling broadly.

Such a beautiful smile!  She was chuckling a bit after seeing my attempt at working on her handloom.  I'll share a video later of this, which is pretty much guaranteed to make you laugh too.

Preparing the warp.

Preparing the warp.

A weaver working on a handloom textile in southern India

This is Sarojini, another radiant and talented weaver that is very highly skilled.  She makes weaving on a handloom look easy, but it requires a lot of strength, agility and skill.

See below some of the textiles that are made by this weaving cooperative:


Image of folded handloomed towels on a wooden table

Hand Loomed Honeycomb Hand Towel


Image of handloomed bath sheet hanging on a hook

Hand Loomed Honeycomb Bath Sheet

 Close up detail of M+A NYC handloomed Versatile Textile in Var 7a.

Versatile Textile Variation 7a

 Image of handloomed napkins folded as a set of 4 with a twill tape bow.

Colorblock Napkins





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