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Save the Date! F+S Fall Market

Come join me at the Field + Supply Fall Mrkt! I'll be bringing a little bit of everything: textiles, stone, horn, brass, pillows, and jewelry. I love bringing our horn pieces to the F+S Market because you can see in person how truly beautiful they are and choose the ones that speak to you the most. So many great things to see and feel in person! My tent is going to be in the Butler Lot, pictured above.  As you can see it's got an amazing view of the Hudson River.  Also good to know is that there is a refreshment stand right there and that I'll be bringing stools and a bench for people to sit, take a load...

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Celebrating our handloom weavers and their amazing creations this month.  Starting with the weavers who work on our lightweight textiles in Kerala, southern India. The above image shows Shobha creating a textile on a large wooden handloom setup in an open air environment that is covered.  You can see how lush and tropical it is there. Such a beautiful smile!  She was chuckling a bit after seeing my attempt at working on her handloom.  I'll share a video later of this, which is pretty much guaranteed to make you laugh too. Preparing the warp. This is Sarojini, another radiant and talented weaver that is very highly skilled.  She makes weaving on a handloom look easy, but it requires a lot...

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I made this years ago, inspired by a woman on the NYC subway who had a super chic punk rock style.  She was covered with piercings and tattoos, but the thing that caught my attention the most was the peace sign that she had made out of safety pins on the back of her denim jacket.  I remember thinking about how artful it looked and also thinking how symbolic the image fragile peace is and how this strong young woman spun it into something edgy and even rebellious just by the way she wore it.  Her message seemed to be that peace, however tenuous, is worth fighting for.  Couldn't agree more! The past year has not exactly felt calm...

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