Handlooms Continued

Our medium - heavy weight cotton textiles are handloomed in Panipat, India, otherwise known as the "City of Weavers" and "Textile City".  They are densely woven out of the softest cotton, and are wonderfully luxurious textiles.

The images above show Sita preparing the yarns for our textiles, and the image below shows Montu setting up the loom.

Image of Montu setting up the hand loom


Below are some of the textiles made by this group of weavers:

Image of a bed made up with M+A NYC's Offset Stripe Coverlet and Stella Throw in the natural colorway.

Offset Stripe Hand Loomed Cotton Oversized Mid-Heavy Weight Coverlet

Image of M+A NYC Ribbon Stripe Pillows in black and kora.

Ribbon Stripe Pillows 

Image of M+A NYC Stella Pillow in the euro size and kora colorway.

Stella Tufted and Hand Loomed Cotton Pillow 26" Square

Image of M+A NYC Handloomed Pillows

Ribbon Striped Hand Loomed 24" Pillow

Image of Ribbon Striped X-tra Long Lumbar Pillow

Ribbon Striped X-tra Long Lumbar Pillow

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