Fromental Collaboration

I love when customers reach out to me.  Such was the case in meeting Susan Harrington of the luxury wallpaper company Fromental.  A “thank you for subscribing email” prompted a back and forth of other emails, which ultimately led to meeting Susan in person at the Field + Supply Market and later at the Fromental showroom in NYC.  Susan is a very dynamic and engaging person and the company that she represents makes the most exquisite wallcoverings.  Some are made with artisanal papers and others with silk.  All are hand-painted.  Their design range is impressive too, from modern abstractions to ornate chinoiserie.  What I can tell you upon seeing them first hand is that the quality is truly impeccable.

It was an honor to collaborate with Susan + Fromental and use some of their wallcoverings as backdrops for M+A NYC pieces.  Here are a few of the images that I captured:

Image of M+A NYC Halo Brass Taper Holder in front of Fromental wallpaper in the pattern "Marchen".

Our Halo Brass Taper Holder in front of a silk paper called Marchen that was a collaboration between Fromental and the designer Nicole Fuller.  “Marchen (German meaning fairy tale) is inspired by a combination of Fuller’s childhood memories of enchanting fairy tales, her favorite flower peonies, and the artist Cy Twombly.”* The colorway is custom.


Image of M+A NYC Planter/Vase Set in Alabaster in front of Fromental wallpaper in the pattern "Travertine".

Our Planter/Vase Set with Ikebana Lid in Alabaster against Fromental pattern “Travertine” in the colorway Calisto.  The combination of silk and metallic paint causes this paper to shimmer so beautifully in both sunlight and candlelight.


Image of M+A NYC black vases in front of Fromental wallpaper in the pattern "Untitled 1".

Sneak peak at our new low luster black vases coming soon, against “Untitled 1” in colorway Sachs.  “Taking inspiration from the modern works of Ben Nicholson, Untitled 1 presents forms of still life objects overlapping and interpenetrating, their simple lines introduce rhythm and movement across the surface.”*


Image of Margaret Ahearn: Founder, Designer and Creative Director of M+A NYC

Susan captured this image of me in front of another great colorway of "Untitled 1" at the Fromental showroom in NYC.  You can tell from the smile on my face that we had a lot of fun!


-- Margaret Ahearn: Founder, Designer, Creative Director of M+A NYC



* Fromental website:


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