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Crisp and Clean, Warp and Weft

Our handwoven cotton yarn dye pillows in the softest cotton. It takes days to set up the loom.  The artisan women then interpret our designs by eye- so no two are the same depending on the warp yarns.  Remember"weft" is left and warp is the long, north facing yarns.  Made in Kerala using ancient techniques, by hand and with lots of love!

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Oh, Hey, Spring!

Nothing feels like spring more than bringing the outside inside and celebrating it with a beautiful object.  Alabaster chalice vase? Meet two perfect, waxy tulips. You both glow from within (as is proof of these photographs)! They can't take a bad one!   Special guest star is our black soapstone round tray! Both made by hand (sans the tulips) and with a lot of love!

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