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Shining the Spotlight on my Amazing Mom -- Mother's Day Edition

My mom, Mary Ann Ahearn, is a dynamo.  I feel so lucky that she is still so sharp, healthy, and lives a relatively short drive away from me.  For Mother's Day I asked her some of the same questions that have been posed to me from Field + Supply, Aspire Design and Home, and others, and I added some of my own.  I learned a few things that I didn't know previously.  So glad that I asked her these questions!    Here is the Q + A:   Best advice you’d give your teenage self?  I would say to myself you need a better answer when your parents are sitting up, waiting for you to return at 2:30 in the...

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I made this years ago, inspired by a woman on the NYC subway who had a super chic punk rock style.  She was covered with piercings and tattoos, but the thing that caught my attention the most was the peace sign that she had made out of safety pins on the back of her denim jacket.  I remember thinking about how artful it looked and also thinking how symbolic the image fragile peace is and how this strong young woman spun it into something edgy and even rebellious just by the way she wore it.  Her message seemed to be that peace, however tenuous, is worth fighting for.  Couldn't agree more! The past year has not exactly felt calm...

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