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I'm ready for change. How about YOU? Everyone needs a voting plan to make sure that they are vote ready. This is mine: I have already filled out a request for an absentee ballot online to use in case I get Covid-19 during election time.  When it arrives, I plan on putting it aside and using it only if I get sick.  I also plan on voting early.  My polling location will be open for early voting beginning as early as October 24th and every day after, up until November 1st.  I'm grateful for these 9 days because if lines are really long one day I can always try again the next. What is YOUR plan? If you need help figuring out...

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M + A: Embracing Resilience

Resilience has been my mantra for a long time.  Recently, more than ever, it's something that I have been spending a lot of mental energy on -- if not on an hourly basis, then at least a daily one.  Reminding myself that I have lived through many challenging experiences throughout my life and managed to weather through them without allowing them to knock me down for too long.  I've got to say that the pandemic is something that I never thought that I would witness in my lifetime; Its scope is far bigger than most imagined and it appears that it will be with us for some time in the foreseeable future.  If I can offer you any words of encouragement, they would be...

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Kudos to the Museum of Modern Art for its recent herculean effort at reconfiguring its galleries to include the works of more women, Latinos, African-Americans, Asians and other overlooked artists to better reflect the multicultural society in which we live.  Kudos as well for changing the way they present the art.  Instead of sticking to a single discipline as a way of organizing and showing their vast Modernist collection, they have chosen to mix media.  Going forward, painting, sculpture, architecture, design, etc. will be curated together. A big highlight in their reimagined space is a textile exhibit on the third floor in The Philip Johnson Galleries entitled “Taking a Thread for a Walk”.   Here is what the MoMA team has to...

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